African Game Animals In Texas. African game animals in texas. 14,000 acres, over 30 species, first class amenities.

African Plains Game Hunting Big Game Hunting Adventures
African Plains Game Hunting Big Game Hunting Adventures from

We specialize in trophy free range big game hunting for desert mule deer, aoudad sheep, pronghorn antelope, elk and multiple exotic species in texas, old mexico & new mexico. They can grow up to 3 metres in length and can weigh up to 900 kg. offers a great selection of unique handmade products that are proudly made in the usa.

They Can Grow Up To 3 Metres In Length And Can Weigh Up To 900 Kg.

Scimitar oryx originally roamed egypt, mali, algeria, morocco, niger, chad, tunisia and sudan. We are located in the central texas area and specialize in the live capture and transport of almost all exotic big game species as well as the sale and trade of exotic game to hunting ranches and game preserves all around texas and beyond. Scimitar horned oryx is an antelope that is native to the sahara desert on the african continent.

25 Sable Antelopes Are One Of The Largest And Most Impressive Species From Africa!

The big 5 african dangerous game animals in africa are. This animal with horns is the slowest member of the antelope family. As the old saying goes, this species would not be “all cowboy hat and no cattle.”.

14,000 Acres, Over 30 Species, First Class Amenities.

They are the most popular game hunted by hunters in the united states. We are also a licensed hunting trophy importer and exporter. Sable are an excellent exotic species to hunt year round!

The Trophy Whitetail Experience Texas Whitetail Hunts.

Other exotic animals that you can keep as pets in texas are: The warthog is another one of africa’s best known species of game. The serengeti is just a short drive african game hunts.

These Antelope Thrive In In The South Texas Habitat And Texas Now Has More Scimitar Oryx Than On The African Continent.

Both bulls and cows have horns. If you are looking for a really superior trophy exotic and want. The 777 ranch has been the premier hunting ranch in the united states for 50 years.

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